Name Satoshi Suzuki
  • 1956
Born in Hokkaido, Japan.
  • 1972
Hokkaido South Sapporo High School
I learned Jazz Piano Methods.
  • 1976
Waseda University
Worked at Waseda Modern Jazz Club as a jazz pianist.
  • 1980
The Long Term Credit Bank of Japan
  • 1996
After suffering from Meniere's Disease,
I left the company and returned to Hokkaido.

I think music is enjoyed dependly on what mood you are in.
When full of energy we want passionate sound when calm we want quiet and tender sound.

We are surrounded by commercialized music which are targeted mainly to
young adults and sometimes children.

As time passes, the music I had enjoyed is changing.

My mission is to compose music that will be relaxing and calm for people to enjoy in this busy world.




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